Automatic Fabric Spreading Machine APS 2 P ECO

  • Fabric laying width between 1.60cm – 2.20cm
  • Ability to lay roll and open rested fabrics
  • Wrinkle correction and fabric loosening feature with one button
  • Ability to lay fabric at the desired tension with automatic tension control
  • Ability to lay fabrics precisely without stretching
  • Waste free cutting system with automatic cutting adjustment
  • Automatic pastal height adjustment
  • Ability to rewind the fabric
  • Plc system,easy to use touch control screen
  • Programmable pastal length and number
  • Different speed options in different ways
  • Automatic stop feature when the fabric is over
  • Warning system when reaching the desired floor quantity
  • Warning system in case of malfunctions to be happen
  • Sensitive to electronic motion and side edge smoothness adjustment with photocell
  • One-way and zigzag fabric laying with cutting apparatus and operator platform
  • Speed adjustable cutting system
  • Personal carrier platform with safety sensor